alien sightings and visits?

Discussion in 'UFO and Alien Experiences or Dreams' started by eli the alien man, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. eli the alien man

    eli the alien man New Member

    tell me what are your experiences with wtinessing ufos and alien sightings?
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  2. Ashley Cooper

    Ashley Cooper New Member

    Nothing stays the same anymore
  3. Silvio Alves

    Silvio Alves New Member

    Few months after a vivid dream with Greys I almost died because a heart attack ad ended being submited to a open chest surgery. What scares me most is the similarity between what I see in that "dream" and what happened after. I'm not myself anymore and most people say it is because the surgery and yes the surgery has its role but since that dream I have a weird feeling of being watched and started having kinda time-space gaps. Am I crazy? lol
  4. Outsideorinside

    Outsideorinside New Member

    I have some stories to tell of my own. I guess I can start with the one I remembered back when I was around 7 years old in Nov.1993. My mom,two older brothers who were 15 and 9 years old at the time and my little brother was 3. My dad worked nights so he wasn't there. Well anyways we were sitting in the living room eating pie after dinner. My mom tend to like having the lights off as we stared outside at the stars, chit chat about whatever and She liked telling us ghost stories. (We lived deep in the woods on a reservation)Then my mom pointed out there were lights outside changing colors. At first we thought it was the light tower from this small town airport that was 15-20 miles away. She realized it was different colors than the lights from the light tower and it was coming directly above the house. My oldest brother wanted to check it out because he thought it was cool and he was a star trek fan so it really intrigued him.. He went outside to look up.I was looking from the bay window from the couch because I was scared to even look or want to know. Before my mom went outside to look she told my 9 year old brother and I to stay in the house. Once she was outside she was looking up with her hand shielding her face. I could see an orange light reflecting off of them.. All of a sudden it was the next day and I was still on the couch and my other brother that stayed inside was too. My mom and brother were in their own rooms. Ever since that happened no one talked about it and when I did bring it up to my mom she told me don't talk about that or don't talk like that.. To top it off she became pregnant and then lost it. She went to the doctor to find nothing even the doctor seemed confused and brushed it off as a misdiagnoses of pregnancy. Only reason I knew that because she told me the last part until I was older. I knew of the miscarriage back then. Anyways that's one of the experiences I had.
  5. Ashley Cooper

    Ashley Cooper New Member

    u are being visited!!
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  6. Outsideorinside

    Outsideorinside New Member

    Been having visits at our house a couple of times and I get upset when they go by my children. When my 1 year old was a few months old I had three tall grays in our bedroom. I tried getting up but was only able to shoo them away from her by swatting at them because they were looking at her. Then I thought screw this just make me black out I can't stand remembering.
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  7. Outsideorinside

    Outsideorinside New Member

    My oldest also had a small gray visit her at my mom's house in my old bedroom where I had visits as a child. She told me it was dressed in a robe and it told her telepathically don't be scared. Before she screamed for me I had a urge to go check on her. She said once it heard me it faded away.
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