Man behind infamous ‘alien autopsy’ video finally reveals the whole truth behind it

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    Man behind infamous ‘alien autopsy’ video finally reveals the whole truth behind it
    Now the film-maker behind it has revealed how the infamous ‘Alien Autopsy’ film fooled the world (not to mention inspiring a pretty terrible movie starring Ant and Dec).

    Spyros Melaris reveals in a new one-man West End showthat the film claiming to show an alien body being examined in 1947 was actually shot in a north London flat.

    The ‘dead alien’ in the 17-minute footage watched by millions worldwide was made for him by sculptor John Humphreys, a special effects expert who has also worked on Dr Who.

    Melaris, 58, told a West End audience how he sourced 1940s surgeons’ outfits and medical instruments from prop providers in the UK and USA.

    The ‘government pathologists’ filmed dissecting the pale, potbellied corpse of the extraterrestrial being were his brother and then girlfriend in the Camden apartment.

    Melaris said they used used cow and lamb organs from a local butcher for the alien’s innards. At one point he revealed they considered raspberry
    jelly for the brain but it was “too dark”.

    He spliced his 16mm film footage onto original Pathe newsreel of a 1947 college baseball match in Roswell to persuade experts from Kodak it could
    be genuine.

    Musician Ray Santilli reputedly made many millions by claiming the grainy black and white film was made by a US military official shortly after the1947 Roswell UFO incident.
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    It's a shame some people try to pull off such a hoax. Thanks for posting this. When I seen the video, I didn't believe it at all. People creating such a hoax only hurt the people who believe in Aliens and UFO's. Then others wonder what's real and what's not. The Gov't tries pulling off such hoaxes to keep the world in the dark about the truth of Aliens and UFO's.
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    Could still be a cover up story

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