UFO technology invention by NIKOLA TESLA

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    I'll keep this short. You can find more info on the net by googling: Nikola Tesla ether physics, Nikola tesla flying saucers, William Lyne Pentagon aliens..

    Flyingsaucers /UFO's are man made on planet Earth and are based on inventions and discoveries of Nikola Tesla that he made around 100 years ago. IT'S NOT DERIVER TECHNOLOGY FROM ALIENS, OR VRIL TECHNOLOGY FROM AN UNDERGROUND RACE!!! They are man made electric flyingmachines built on our planet earth.

    Tesla's inventions were first used by Nazi Germany in their Foo Fighters in the 1930's. After WW II the Flyingsaucer projects moved over to USA and were headed by Werner Von Braun, the same guy who was in charge of the projects earlier in Germany.
    The flyingsaucer tecnology has been hidden from the public by the world's money elite also known as Illuminati. Oil-, motor-,avition-, trasportation- and energy companies..and bankers. It has been kept from us for atleast 70 years. Since then our enviroment has been destroyed as well as people's healt all over the world..pollution, poverty and hunger.

    The technology is based on Tesla's "electrodynamic propultion system" and manipulation of ETHER and Zero Point Radiation or ZPR. The tecnology uses very simple matter; Iron (magnets) aluminium, Copper (Tesla coils) and electricity.

    "The technology involves high voltage D.C. 'brush' currents, high frequency currents, rapidly varying electrostatic forces, and light/heat beams. The rapidly varying electrostatic forces "rarify" (stretch) the ether carriers, as the light/heat beams polarize the medium in the desired direction, as the D.C. brush currents induce the exchange of carriers, creating a vacuum in that direction, inducing motion. At the opposite end of the ship, high frequency currents draw the carriers through the ship, and creates a compression of the ether, as it penetrates the solid mass and synthesizes the rotatory micro helical tubules, which whirl around the ether cores along the polar axis, at a pitch corresponding to a particular rate of momentum. Since the strength of the electromagnetic interaction is 10/40 time greater than the gravitational interaction, that much more work can theoretically be done in the same time, using the same "energy"."

    According to some people Teasla also discovered away to get free energy to your everyday household use out of ZPR, and wanted to give his inventions and discoveries to the whole world to the benefit of mankind, but strangely the global money elite said NO!
    Now Tesla's papers and patents are held in boxes somewhere in the USA.
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    dats interesting but r u proposing dat aliens are nt related to ufo's?

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